Golden Edifice is a vibrant organization, with a mission to provide "Better Homes for Better Futures". The organization is managed by our Managing Director Michael George, whose family has a long and successful history in the construction industry, with a number of quality residential buildings as testimonials.

With a highly motivated and dedicated team, Golden Edifice is all set to be a builder of quality homes for modern families, meeting or even exceeding standards and time deadlines.

Golden Edifice takes extreme care – right from choosing the location and building materials to designing the exteriors and interiors, to provide perfect harmony for the inhabitants while standing the test of time.

Satisfied customers are important to us, because we know that they would be our brand ambassadors.

Golden Edifice , 144, S. George Rathnam Road, Golden George Nagar, P.H. Road, Nerkundram, Chennai 600 107, India
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