About Us

Live the high-life with luxury apartments with modern-day amenties at this magnificent development. Golden Edifice believes that there is only one strategy for success that is "ABILITY will bring you to Top, but CHARACTER only will sustain you on top". Psalm 128 :- A Song of degrees. Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways, then the LORD shall bless thee out of "ZION". This credo combined with uncompromising values, customer-centricity, robust engineering and transparency in business operations, has placed it among the ‘most preferred’ real estate brands in both residential and commercial segments.

We at Golden Edifice believe in the power of “Understanding”

1.We believe in understanding our clients and their needs

2.We believe in understanding the markets and future prospects before providing any solutions

3.We believe in enabling transactions which bring value to our clients.


We ensure that all our projects meet the necessary guidelines for the structural stability of the building and are subjected to many quality tests, starting from selection of the site, architects, consultants, vendors, material procurement followed by structural design to meet the quality guidelines set forth by the prevailing norms and codes of the country.


Selection of the site

In real estate development, location is an important criteria where we go an extra mile in choosing a right site which will fulfil the requisites for development of a green project.

Soil Investigation

Soil investigation is carried out right after the project concept is finalized with no. of floors and the building footprint.

Soil investigation is conducted by reputed agencies after conducting pre qualification analysis.

The no. of bores for soil testing is marked by the structural consultant.

We ensure that the max no. of bores is marked within the foot print of the building

Structural Design

Once the soil investigation report is given by the soil testing agencies, the structural consultant will study the soil bearing capacity to decide on the design of the structure. Pre-qualification analysis is done for the structural consultants before appointing them.

Peer review

On obtaining the load calculations, model frame analysis – using standard software, the structure & foundation is designed. This design is sent for a peer review of other structural consultants of equivalent experience. After a thorough check by the peer review consultant & final approval by the peer review consultant, the structural consultant is allowed to prepare the required construction drawings & issue it to the site for construction.


We ensure a comprehensive selection process of contractor for execution. The selection process involves various criteria and credentials that is taken into account.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We prepare a project specific quality control plan and follow to assure the quality of work executed by the contractor. This will be done through a project management consultancy (pmc) appointed by us or directly by Golden Edifice.

Handing Over

We ensure the following documents are given to the customers / association at the time of handing over the project.

  • Soil investigation report
  • Water test report
  • Stability certificate
  • Completion certificate from competent authority
  • As built drawings – architectural / structural / plumbing / electrical etc.


To employ our resources in the most productive manner possible, so that our customers and society as a whole stand to benefit.

“Benchmarking our services in terms of People, Pace & Passion to be the best in the Industry.”


Golden Edifice - Will continue to be an innovative, socially responsible property developer and strive to create communities and define exclusive lifestyles for generations to come.

" Better Homes for Better Futures "

“To provide creative solutions, by customizing our services to suit the requirements of our clients. To encourage & facilitate our team to reach its optimal potential combining its diverse strengths to provide total customer satisfaction.”